Architecture highlights interior space design while interior space relies on light.

Inspiration is one of the most important and patentable elements when it comes to mapping an architectural or structural blueprint. Planck Consulting biggest difference with industry competitors is that our team is a cross-border, cross-disciplinary and cross-industry collaborative team composed of consultants, lighting designers, control system engineers, audio and video consultants and project management experts. As a property owner, architect, or even an interior designer, our aligned goal is to produce a complete, comprehensive and consented design plan.

In the lighting design flow of Planck Consulting, there is a perfect internal interdisciplinary co-creation mechanism. From creative idea expansion, project analysis and control strategy to prototype testing and process management simulation, we have established a complete working system to ensure the successful implementation of every project!

How to benefit from the enhanced space in the audiovisual system, improve work efficiency, and solve the substantive problem of optimal integration?

Under the current background of COVID-19 pandemic and information-based digital transformation, from small conference rooms to comprehensive experience centers, the importance and spatial adaptability of audiovisual design are more challenging than ever. Planck Consulting offers audiovisual consulting and design services.  Acoustical separation for different regions is designed according to the STC sound transmission standard to meet the requirements of spatial mood, privacy and sound insulation. Systematic planning is made for special areas to improve the usability and shorten the device response latency. By a contrast design of multimedia screen and lighting, we control light pollution to maintain spatial brightness and comfort. The architects, interior designers and Planck team work together to make designs for the connection between space/system/function and users. 

COVID-19 Pandemic

Information-based Digital Transformation

  • Regional System Planning

  • Multimedia

  • Spatial Brightness

  • Comfort

STC Sound Transmission Standard

Control System Consulting and Design

Planck Consulting ensures the successful implementation of every project through control system planning, UI visual representation, adaptive control script definition, third-party access system protocol specifications, hierarchical control of security risks, and emergency plan design.

  • Control System Planning

  • Emergency Plan Design

  • Hierarchical Control of Security Risks

  • Third-party Access System
    Protocol Specifications

  • Adaptive
    Control Script Definition

  • UI Visual Representation

Control System Consulting and Design