• Mission

    To help our clients and partners develop unique insights, come up with new ideas and achieve meaningful results.

  • Vision

    To push ahead with the boundaries of science and design to improve the industry and people’ lives.

  • Values

    The key to winning is effective differentiation. Effective differentiation comes from originality
    — a mode of thinking based on rationality and filled with imagination.

Our career began with a lot of practice in the client domain, where we gained a wealth of experience and industry knowledge. During this period of time, we saw that rigid designs often disturbed original thinking, saturating bloated deliverables with hackneyed and stereotyped answers.

As a group of like-minded and dedicated consultants and designers, we believe that there are better ways, and have founded Planck Consulting to provide a platform to foster innovation and creativity in the field of lighting consulting and design. Left-brained thinking: industry and scientific knowledge, analysis and insights. Right-brained thinking: creativity and imagination, which keep us challenging traditional thinking and seeking fresh ideas. We’re passionate about this; that’s why our clients choose us.