Design Institute

Architecture, interior design institutes…will be confronted with challenges from a series of professional design segments!

Planck consulting can design a detailed design cluster made up of multiple systems to jointly operate lighting, background music, video, control systems, digital signage and run scripts.

Being clear about every part that the architects, interior designers, owner and users envisage presenting, we are committed to ensuring flexibility and future relevance. User experience promotes the achievement of success in these buildings and places. Standing at the height of architectural thinking and the owner’s strategic operation, Planck Consulting leaves an eternal impression on the owner and users. Projects include: lighting consulting and design, Audiovisual consulting and design, control system planning and design, service content and process management.


Corporate Headquarters

As the form of enterprise changes unceasingly, what kind of corporate strategic and architectural or functional significance does a room or area have?

People-oriented guiding cognition can be established to greatly improve room quality and support conversation and concentration. Planck Consulting is here to show you a concept of lighting design that meets the requirements of a dynamic and digitally networked knowledge-based office environment. In every project, the designers are confronted with a challenge of integrating normative specifications, economic goals, construction conditions and design into one concept.

The system model of PLC·Planck Company’s lighting design does not merely help to develop a lighting solution according to the spatial functions or materials used. By multi-level lighting means, we can separate the spatial functions from one another and then make full use of the interior, façade and external carriers of the space environment to unfold the vertical façade, basic lighting, accent lighting, and super-environmental lighting in response to different perspectives of application value.

Luxury Trade

1.What is the spatial core of luxury trade? Feeling and atmosphere.

2.How to mobilize the feeling of vision, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching to make them into a moving story under a reasonable logical framework?

Planck Consulting has cross-disciplinary lighting, audiovisual, control system consulting and design capabilities and offers an integrated service in three fields. This is why the owner chooses us. That’s also the ability that PLC Planck is good at and has been practicing.

Retirement Community

How to meet the rigid needs of middle-aged and old people for the lighting environment, audiovisual service, simple facility control and physical health monitoring? With people-oriented lighting design, ambient music layout design and control system planning capabilities, Planck Consulting is capable of substantially solving problems.

Education Community

Most Chinese schools are relatively independent and special community environments, which are composed of complex and changeable classrooms, public spaces where spiritual transformation needs to be achieved fast, densely populated dining rooms, lots of passages, teachers’ apartments, students’ dorms…

As for the workflow of Planck Consulting, it ranges from detailed analysis of locality, microclimate, traffic, perspective, function and material to creative idea definition, planning, preliminary design, deep design and project management. Planck Consulting has a complete set of intelligent joint innovation mechanism, including a creative team, original tools and model training, for serving such projects.