• Internet Marketing Specialist

    Are you an Internet marketing specialist whom we are looking for?

    Do you really have Internet marketing capabilities—on new media such as WeChat?

    You are welcome to join Planck Consulting!

  • Salary

    Three-year full-time employment contract

    We will offer you a competitive salary and fringe benefits according to your academic degree and contribution

    You will work on 66/F, Global Metropolis Plaza, 68 Huacheng Avenue, Guangzhou, a CBD

    Here is a perfect working system, which will help to manage your personal growth with the sustainable development of the Company

  • Requirements for Your Competence

    More than three years of working experience

    You’re required to be proficient in marketing, advertising, bidding advertising, and PPC on the Internet including new media and B2B platforms

    Junior college degree or above

  • Your Job Responsibilities

    You will be responsible for promoting Planck Consulting by releasing supply and demand information on email, posting at forums, and advertising on WeChat, TikTok, Red Book, e.Baidu, etc.

    You will be responsible for managing and maintaining the official website of Planck Consulting, and optimizing website promotion and the search engine

    You will be responsible for developing new clients online, and communicating with both new and regular clients

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