• Project Management Specialist

    Are you a construction, drawing conversion and project administrator whom we are looking for?

    Are you passionate about process management?

    Please join Planck Consulting for a valuable and respected job

  • Salary

    Three-year full-time employment contract

    We will offer you a fat salary and project-related benefits according to your knowledge and experience

    Here is a perfect working system, which will help to optimize your professional quality and project management skills

  • Requirements for Your Competence

    You must have a sense of time

    A Guangdong resident

    You must be proficient in CAD, and Excel

    More than five years of working experience

    Junior college degree or above

  • Your Job Responsibilities

    You will be responsible for project disclosure, intermediate acceptance, on-site inspection, and change coordination

    You will be responsible for coordinating and carrying out the Company’s cooperation with the client and third parties

    You will be responsible for managing the project diagrammatically, presenting work content and results in real time and taking responsibility for the results

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